- Jennison For Your Information is all about fulfilling your IT data, security, compliance, and risk management needs.

United States (EN) - Jennison For Your Information is all about fulfilling your IT data, security, compliance, risk, and project management needs.
"When effective data and security management is

  on your horizon, experience makes the difference."
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Empowering Experiences
  • ​Client Data and Security Management Immersion
  • Data and Security Deployment Planning and Guideline Services
  • Executive Data and Security Management Briefings

Engaging Opportunities
  • Proof of Data and Security Management Concepts
  • Complete Data and Security Management Project Deliveries
  • Managed IT Data and Security Management Services
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Team Specialist and Staff Augmentation

Managing Skill Inventories
  • ​Data and Security Management Solutions
  • Data and Security Project Management
  • Creating and Supporting Effective Client Data Management and Security Experiences
  • Data and Security Stewardship Lifecycle Planning
  • Technical Data and Security Designing and Developing
  • Data and Security Skill Transference by Mentoring
  • ​Data and Security Governance Lifecycle Planning

 Service Model Presentation

Security Modeling
and Management Solutions
 Business Intelligence, Data Mart,
Data Warehouse, and       Security Management Services
 IT Infrastructure Security Modeling and
     Project Management       of Data and Security    Management Frameworks

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Enterprises of all sizes are under increasing competitive pressure to leverage and integrate data, information, and communication technology infrastructure to achieve their vision.

Your planned implementation of secure information technology has a significant positive impact on the socioeconomic development of your organization. Information Technology, as a clear winner, revolutionizes businesses and strengthens governments. As IT is changing your enterprise – we engage with your organization to help manage compliance, risk, and information security while delivering effective data management solutions to your enterprise.

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